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Embryos are oocytes(eggs) that are fertilized with sperm and allowed to mature to a certain stage whereupon they can either be transferred FRESH into the womb of a suitably treated woman OR can be cryo-preserved or FROZEN at a temperature of minus 196 degree Celsius by a process called ‘Vitrification’. The process of Vitrification has made embryo banking feasible as the embryos can be stored without them getting damaged and the pregnancy rates after their de-vitrification (warming) are almost comparable to those of fresh embryo transfer. The woman needs to have a uterus capable of carrying a pregnancy.

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IMSI Technique
Intracytoplasmic Mophologically Selected Sperm Injection.In the prevalent ICSI technique,the sperm is magnified 200 times whereas in the IMSI technique the sperm is magnified 7000 times. Only the morphologically normal sperm under this magnification is used for ICSI by our embryologist.

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