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(A unit of Ankur Fertility Centre)

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The pregnancy rate at our centre is roughly to the extent of 50% per cycle. There are two reasons for this high pregnancy rates.Firstly, these are excellent quality embryos as their sibling embryos have resulted into a successful pregnancy and therefore the parents of these embryos are willing to donate these frozen embryos to another couple. Secondly, we meticulously preparethe recepient’s endometrium using hormones which leads to improved receptivity of the recepient’s uterus to these embryos .

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IMSI Technique
Intracytoplasmic Mophologically Selected Sperm Injection.In the prevalent ICSI technique,the sperm is magnified 200 times whereas in the IMSI technique the sperm is magnified 7000 times. Only the morphologically normal sperm under this magnification is used for ICSI by our embryologist.

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