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Gay  Surrogacy Mumbai India


Gay Surrogacy India

Guide to Gay Surrogacy:-

We are an LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gender) friendly IVF Centre and we offer Surrogacy services to same sex couples.

For Men in same sex relationships:-We offer Donor Egg with Surrogacy.

We have a renowned Donor Egg Programme and strong Database of Young, Well-screened, and stringently selected, Egg Donors. Donor Egg Programme in our country is anonymous, however, their photographs can be sent to you, alongwith their their profiles over the e-mail.

For more information about our Egg Donation programme, please find out from our ‘Egg Donation Programme’ on our this website which is

The ‘Birth Certificate’will be issued in the name of Intended Father, and the Surrogate’s name will not be mentioned in the agreement at all.

For Women in the same sex relationships:-

Gay Surrogacy India
We can offer self eggs and Donor Sperms. If Surrogacy is indicated, we can offer the same also.
We have a Sperm Bank that has sperms from Ethnic Indian sperm Donors who are young, healthy, well-screened, stringently selected and fulfill the Internationally laid down criteria for sperm donation. We can also arrange Caucasian Sperm samples, if you desire so.

The ‘Birth Certificate’ mentions intended mother as the mother.

For more detailed information about our services and facilities please refer to our website:

You can initiate treatment by a contacting us through e-mail or by a telephonic call

Gay Surrogacy India

IMSI Technique
Intracytoplasmic Mophologically Selected Sperm Injection.In the prevalent ICSI technique,the sperm is magnified 200 times whereas in the IMSI technique the sperm is magnified 7000 times. Only the morphologically normal sperm under this magnification is used for ICSI by our embryologist.

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